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The purpose of this site is to provide a forum for myself and as way to help others with those little technical problems that no one seems to be able to figure out. I don't know it all, but I know a lot. I don't update my web site as often as I should. I update my blog more frequently.

About me:
I am originally from London, Ohio. Currently, I live in the Columbus, Ohio area. I was born in Columbus and have lived in Columbus, London, Springfield, Ada, and Swanton,  Ohio. I've worked all over the state of Ohio, mostly in Cable TV. I like to repair and build computers. I am computer certified as an CompTIA A+ Professional and a Cisco CCNA. I play guitar, bass, and drums.
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Do I love chili or what? 

Those of you that do not have the privilege to live in Ohio, don't have any way of knowing the joy of our chili and coney-dog restaurants. When I moved to northwest Ohio, I discovered that the hot dog is king and that chili is the common thread that holds the universe together. I had already known Cincinnati's Skyline Chili five-way's. I discovered in Toledo the greatest chili and hot dogs that exist anywhere, at Tony Packo's. I don't think the Columbus area really eats as much chili and hot dogs as it should.

Tony Packo's Cafe 

Skyline Chili

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