Get Your Wings


John Sullivan and I spent the biggest part of the summer of 1975 following Aerosmith around Ohio. It's not like they were the only band we were into at the time, but they were probably the one we liked the best. I saw them one time at Dayton Hara Arena. They were there with a band I barely knew anything about at the time, Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes. I've always thought that because The Amboy Dukes were so good, especially live, that I think I saw what must've been the best performance by Aerosmith ever. They probably had to play that way every night they toured with Nugent. What a night. It was so hot in the lobby. We were all pressed in there. Hundreds of us. It was so hot. Someone was passing around a few towels in the crowd. Believe it or not, we were so hot (you said that), mostly everyone in the crowd was wiping off their sweat with the towel, and then wringing it out, and passing it on. (do you think anyone would do that these days?) There were these security guards on the other side of the glass doors who could've probably let us in, but they were just standing there on the other side laughing.

On the Steven Tylercover of the "Get Your Wings" album, Steven Tyler is wearing a scarf  that has downers rolled into it. People would throw him joints onto the stage, and he would walk around gathering them up. He says he doesn't do things like that anymore. I heard he said he hit rock bottom when he only had twenty thousand dollars in a Keogh account and was shooting heroin in a dirty apartment in New York City. When they first started touring again, they had to hire security people to keep the pushers away.

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