Favorite Photos

Cal Ripken
Football at Navy
Chicago, Il
Sammy Sosa

  • Baseball at Baltimore    I saw the Baltimore Orioles play the New York Yankees in Baltimore, Maryland on September 23, 2001. It was supposed to be the last home game of Cal Ripken's career, but because of the 9/11 terrorist attack, other games were scheduled to make up for postponed ones. We had great seats right behind home plate. I got autographs from Elrod Hendricks and Joe Torre. I got good pictures of both men. I also got a picture of Cal Ripken's last home run in mid-swing. 

  • Cal Ripken 09/23/01    These are photos of Cal Ripken hitting a sacrifice fly to score a run and his last home run.

  • Football at Navy    I attended the Navy vs. Boston College football game at Annapolis, Maryland on September 22, 2001. The security was ridiculous because of September 11th. They wanted me to throw away my camera bag, although they could plainly see that it was just a camera bag. Navy lost.

  • Chicago, Il 04/16/01    I was working in Chicago on Milwaukee Avenue for about about a month. On occasion I had to go up and work at the Sears Tower on the 102nd floor. It is within a few floors of the roof. I have been on the roof, recently and am willing to go again anytime. I was was also able to go in-between the floors and ride the huge freight elevators in the building. 

  • Sammy Sosa 05/16/01    I was working in Chicago one day and decided to go to a baseball game if I could. I got a seat in the fourth row on the internet for the game the next night on May 16, 2001 at Wrigley Field in Chicago. If you are a baseball fan at all, you need to go there. The Cubs played the Astros and got beat. Sammy Sosa hit his 400th career home run and I caught on my digital camera in mid-swing.