I saw Kiss in January 1975 at Veteran's Memorial in Columbus, Ohio. It is a fairly large hall with pretty good sound. There was always a party going on down in the lobby.

I got a  call one day from my 13 year old girlfriend, Vicky. She told me that she had tickets for Kiss. Somehow I think I remember that her "friend" Dig (a guy) had gotten the tickets for her. She was in love with me. I liked her, but I was always embarrassed by her age. Dig had a big crush on Vicky, I think. Dig had a car. So Vicky and I used to double date with him and his girlfriend. Vicky was cute with nice legs, so I guess I should've liked her more, but I was fifteen, I needed a more mature woman.

I  had never been to a concert before. I had had a "concert scare" the previous year when we drove to Dayton for a cancelled Grand Funk concert. When we arrived we were sitting in, as I recall the eighth row or so, just to the left of center, right in front of Gene Simmons.

The first band was an older group that had had a hit a few years earlier, called The Flock. They had a violin player in the group. I thought they were pretty cool and had a good sound other than the violin was too loud, or the effects were too shrill. I'm not sure which. In any case I thought my ear drums were bleeding before I made my way out to the lobby to party till Kiss came out..

Kiss came on and I just can't tell what a rush it is to see a younger Kiss. You can see them now doing their make-up thing on stage, but this was a time when these guys were not much older than thirty and probably not that old. (you tell me)

They were touring at that time promoting their new album Dressed to Kill. I was a big Kiss fan already. This was probably a year or two before Kiss Alive! came out. I can still remember the cheesy police lights on the amps when they did the song Firehouse. A few years later they probably could've bought a real fire engine and drove it on stage. They had a mirrored disco ball that they had hanging above the audience. Believe it or not, that was the first time I'd seen one of those. It just was one of those nights that everything, except the violin in The Flock, was just perfect. There's nothing like seeing Kiss before they got older and were still pretty fresh. They were still writing a lot of songs that have made them famous. I think Dressed to Kill was their third album. They have well  over twenty now, and probably a lot less real hair.

You know, as embarrassed as I was of my "thirteen year old girlfriend", I had so much fun that night, I feel a little bit ashamed thinking that I worried so much about her age. I really don't think anyone cared but me. Wherever Vicky is now, I hope she's happy. Because she made my night with her, Dig, and Kiss a reality.

Not bad for a thirteen year old.


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