My Favorite Links

The city guide to entertainment, restaurants, events, hotels, movies and businesses in your area

Shareware, freeware, and retail programs and files for the web.

Free web based e-mail

PC Gamer
PC game magazine.
Where the musicians take over the music industry.

Is there a better electronics company anywhere? I don't care if it is a Japanese company (you bigot!). One word...Trinitron, says it all!

The Cable Addicts Broadband Lounge
Not for the tech light enthusiast. This is the real thing, the show, the big time...OK, it's for us cable people.

Welcome to Franklin Covey Training and Planner Products that Provide Tools for Effective Living
That about says it, doesn't it? Too bad their software promises so much and only delivers when you can get the finicky crap to install consistently. Their paper planners don't crash.

Hostway Web Hosting and Ecommerce Solutions
My ex-web host.

1 and 1
My new better web host

Obsolete Computer Museum
More than just a Commodore 64.

Library of Congress Home page

U.S. Senate Home page

United States House of Representatives Home page

The White House Home page

Affordable professional multi-track and sound products.

Edirol Corporation 
Division of Roland. Unlike Roland has affordable professional multi-track and sound products.

Line 6 
Guitar multi-effects and amplifiers.


The home planet

id Software
Largest moon of the home planet.
Doom Quake and Wolfenstein.

Windows Annoyances
Do you think Microsoft will ever get it right the first time?
Reds, Indians, Cavaliers, and all those boring teams, too. Bad politics make FOX a bad choice for sports.

I just love my  mower and snow blower

PC Magazine 
my favorite tame computer magazine

AMD (CPU manufacturer)
I like Intel too.

United States Postal Service
Who does it better?  Nobody. Very handy postage calculator link on home page. 

3Com-Palm Computing
I should've bought another Palm instead of that HP Pocket PC. Thank goodness I came to my senses and bought a Sony Clié'. 

Windows Update
With all those lines of code, anyone could screw up, over and over again.

ABIT Computer Corp.
Good Motherboards.

Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Printers and stuff.

Creative Labs Americas
Sound Blasters and other computer peripherals. - the place for BROADBAND
More than just broadband and DSL.
I buy stuff there, but I still won't pay for their catalog.

Good health information and advise.
I am still using Quicken 2002 because of their disastrous anti-piracy rampage from a couple of years ago. I already switche to Tax-Cut.

Dish Network
I had Dish Network for eight years.

CNET Today - Technology News




USA Today
The best conservative tabloid newspaper. I read it anyway,sometimes.

...they still play music don't they?

Nostalgic look at rock and new videos too. More music than M-TV, but feels like a top 40 FM radio station from the 1970's. Increasingly into less music and more into story telling. Interesting, but not music.

Cincinnati Reds homepage - Cincinnati Reds - Clubhouse

I love baseball. 

Best Buy Online
What would I do without Open Items?

Symantec Corporation
Norton and pcAnywhere sure make my life easier

Maximum PC Front page
My favorite Wild computer magazine.

Sonic Foundry
Manufacturer of audio editing software including Sound Forge and Acid.

TV Guide Entertainment Network
Cool entertainment site.

Welcome to ATI Technologies
Video cards.

FILExt - The File Extension Source
If you don't know what program a file extension belongs to, this might help.

The Columbus Dispatch
Columbus, Ohio's daily newspaper.

The Madison Press 
My hometown (London, Ohio) newspaper.

The Ada Herald
I miss Ada (Ohio). This is the weekly paper from there.

Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology
This site was banned from Google because the Scientologists threatened to sue them. If you read this stuff, you'll know what they were afraid you would find out about them.

Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions


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