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Musically, I guess I'm a little middle of the road, in a rock way. I love to play hard loud rock and I like to play folky acoustic stuff. I've always had a wide range as far as taste in music. Growing up n the '70's, obviously, I am partial to the music from that decade. I like to think that I have kept up with the times in music. I don't like it all, but I never did. I tend to prefer serious music. Not intending your music as pop music is my definition of serious music.

My favorite musical acts of the 1970's
(not in any order)

  1. Montrose
  2. Mott the Hoople
  3. Aerosmith
  4. Kiss
  5. Gino Vannelli
  6. Lynyrd Skynyrd
  7. Return to Forever
  8. Genesis
  9. Linda Ronstadt
  10. The Eagles
  11. Deep Purple
  12. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
  13. Led Zeppelin
  14. The Tubes
  1. The Who
  2. David Bowie
  3. Joni Mitchell
  4. Jefferson Starship
  5. Foghat
  6. Uriah Heep
  7. Grand Funk
  8. Rush
  9. Humble Pie
  10. Pink Floyd
  11. Alice Cooper
  12. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
  13. Nazareth
  14. Joe Walsh

This is what I am currently into:

Puddle of Mud

I really got into "New Rock Alternative" when we moved to Northwest Ohio. Must be the thin air up there. I was listening to WBUZ "The Buzz" 106. They had taken some heat over the use of the nickname "The Buzz". They probably didn't want to sound like they endorsed getting a buzz. It was probably decided to change the nickname of the station to "ROCK106" in a bar when they were all drunk.

I still listened to "ROCK106" occasionally, but I started  listening to "89X" CIMX from Windsor/Detroit after the change at "The Buzz".  They played music in the morning. That is what made them different. Seems like every radio station has a  Bob and Tom or a Tom and Jerry or a Luke and a Skywalker, or something like that. Just shut up and play music. Howard Stern can be funny, but obviously he's going through mid-life crisis right now. All he thinks that's funny anymore is boobs and butts and his reaction to putting them in his face or on his lap. Come to think of it, that would be funny if some woman did it to me. But listening to it....

Now I listen mainly to "The Stephanie Miller Show" podcast. I rarely listen to any radio stations except when I am in my wife's car. She has XM. I usually just listen for a few minutes and turn it off or listen to a CD.



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