Election 2000


US Election 2000/2001

It is not surprising to me that the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a decision from the Florida Supreme Court to recount the votes from the 2000 presidential elections.  I think as long as the Democrats have been in the White House, it probably is time for Republicans to show the American people what kind of managers they are of our government.  

I believe the Supreme Court was under pressure from those that contributed heavily to the Republican campaign, to pull out a victory all costs.  Their contributors won't be contributing as heavily next time if they don't get their special favors that they purchased.  I do believe that regardless of what happens, that there will be revelations concerning the authenticity of the outcome of this election, at least someday.  Some will say the backlash and subsequent possible legal proceedings, will happen because of Democratic Party ill-will caused by the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Republicans should know it is inevitable.

 It would not surprise me if both sides were a bit guilty of wrongdoing during the election process.  As a Democrat, I hope my party had no part in affecting the outcome of this election.  However, I am realistic.  Washington politicians are basically the same people with the same agenda on both sides.  As long as politicians and elections are funded by all organizations who stand to gain from uncertainty and failure, that is the kind of politician that we will elect.